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Often-asked questions about application and admission into the M.Sc. Study in Psychology


As of 27.05.2021

Application questions

What do I have to consider for the application in 2021?

It is important to note §5(b) of the Admission Regulations for the Master's Program in Psychology: A certificate from the organizer regarding the hours worked is sufficient. Please attach additionally a simple letter explaining the scientific activities. Important: The activity must not have been carried out as part of a compulsory internship (must be explicitly marked), otherwise the conducted activity cannot be recognized.

How do I apply?

The application for M.Sc. study in Psychology is done via the online application system uni-assist.

Where do I find the current admission regulations?
What documents must be submitted electronically? What documents must still be sent by post?

All information can be found on the page Consecutive Master Degree Programs in item 2.
Further information can be found by scrolling to the bottom of that page and clicking on "Psychology".

Do I submit my application online or by post?

All information can be found on the page Consecutive Master Degree Programs under point 2.

Do I have to submit all module descriptions?

If you are studying at a German state-accredited university, you do not need to submit the module descriptions. Otherwise, submit the descriptions as a pdf file (upload to Uni-Assist) or provide a link to a website of your university where we can find the module descriptions for your study program.

I uploaded or sent wrong documents to uni-assist. What should I do?

Please send the correct documents to uni-assist annotating them with your application code.

Must all documents that I submit be certified?

No. Normal copies are enough (see ZulO § 5).

Do I need a motivation letter?


What is a Diploma Supplement?

See Wikipedia

Do I have to submit a Diploma Supplement?

The submission egulations require to submit:

"a copy of the Diploma Supplement or another suitable document from the university that shows the coursework completed for the until the first professional degree (including data on the credits and infos about the form, content and examination)" -- from § 5(3)c)

It is sufficient to provide the course catalog and the Study and Examination Regulations. However, please do NOT send them printed. It suffices if you give us the links to website at your university, where those documents are available. If the documents are not available online, please load them up into Uni-Assist.

May I apply for the M.Sc. study if my bachelor thesis is not submitted to the Examination Office yet?

§ 7 sect. (4) of the General Admission Regulations (ZulO) state:

The admission decision is made in this case on the basis of an appropriate educational qualification (Transcript of Records) for the current study program if the missing bachelor's degree credits are less than 40 and the grade point average (overall average grade) is achieved.

Does the Bachelor thesis have to be already registered at the time of the application?

No. You must prove that you have already at least 140 credit points (of 180 total points). (§7 sect. (4) of the Admission and Enrollment Regulations)

How many credit points do I have to have to apply?

§7 sect. (4) of the Admission and Enrollment Regulations: "In this case, the approval decision is made on the basis of a suitable transcript of records from the ongoing study program for the bachelor degree, with a minumum of 40 points, and the achieved average score."

What specialization can I apply for?

You can choose one of the following specializations:
(1) Industrial and Organizational Psychology,
(2) Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counseling Psychology,
(3) Educational Psychology,
(4) Advanced Topics in Cognition and Behaviour Across the Lifespan.

May I apply for more than one specialization?

You specify the desired specialization when filling out the application form. Multiple selection is not allowed.

Does a master's degree in Psychology suffice as such as training to become a psychological psychotherapist or psychotherapists for children and adolescents regardless of the specialization?

Unfortunately, this question can't be answered generally. The approval process varies from state to state in Germany. The German Psychotherapy Law stipulates having a university degree in psychology with an examination in Clinical Psychology. Therefore, it is safer to receive the master's degree with specialization in Clinical Psychology.

Should I choose the specialization in Clinical Psychology in order to combine my studies with a training as a psychological psychotherapist or psychotherapist for children and adolescents?

The master's degree in Psychology at the University of Potsdam offers formal examination in Clinical Psychology only for the specialization in Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology. Therefore, an admission to a psychotherapy training with the other specializations can't be guaranteed even if your bachelor's degree in Psychology included an examination in Clinical Psychology. The minimum requirement (min. 12 LP in Clinical Psychology) is interpreted differently in various German states, but the critical aspect is the examination in Clinical Psychology.

Is my English sufficient?

Please provide with your application all the documents that prove your English skills.
A high school diploma, which shows that you have English knowledge, is recognized as proof. (Even if the number of years with English courses or their level are not indicated, the Maturity Exam (Abitur) certificate is accepted as the proof.)

What can be considered to obtain additional points? What documents should be submitted?

The ranking of the applications for the winter semester 2017/18 is done according to the §5 of the Discipline-Specific Admission und Enrollment Regulations for the M.Sc. in Psychologie.

You may get additional points for "particular professional achievements like a stipend, awards, scientific publications or certain recognitions relevant to the M.Sc. study" and by "proof of completing the course "Hands-On Empirical and Experimental Psychology" when studying for the B.Sc. degree."

In the Uni-Assist questionnaire, I am asked for credit points for statistics and methodology. At my university, there is no separation between these two subjects. What should I do? How exactly is the distinction between methodology and statistics made?

Fill out the form with discernment. The evaluation takes place after the application has been completed on the basis of the submitted certificate or ToR.

I have questions about completing the online form by uni-assist which are not answered in the FAQ here. What can I do?

Fill out the form as best as you can - to the best of your knowledge and belief. Please understand that with more than 1,000 applicants no individual assistance can be offered. Provide supporting documents for everything you claim. You can simply upload appropriate PDF files. When your application is examined, this evidence will be surely be checked.

My university does not give me a certificate of the relative grade. What can I do?

Admission questions

Where can I find legal regulations for the admission to the M.Sc. program?
Have I met the admission requirements?

Verification of meeting the admission requirements occurs after the application is submitted to uni-assist and providing all required documents.

What is the difference between the average grade and the relative grade?

The relative grade indicates percentile of your exam performance in relation to your peers. The relative grade is stated on the diploma in some states. Whether this applies must be inquired at the university.

Are jobs in the psychological field, voluntary work or stays abroad related to studies counted as special professional achievements?

No. Special professional achievements include scholarships, prizes, scientific publications or other awards related to the master's program in Psychology.

How does the evaluation of the empirical-experimental internship go into the calculation?

The evaluation of the point value is included in the subject-specific admission and enrollment regulations (§5 (4)).

How is a total score produced from the criteria?

See general admission and enrollment regulations. The calculation of the total point value results from the conversion values given in the general ZulO and the weighting specified in the subject-specific admission and enrollment regulations.

What was the rate of approval in recent years?

The last candidate admitted in the 2017 recruitment cycle had the score of 20.47. Applicants with higher scores have not been admitted. This cut-off for 2018 was 17,66, for 2019 it was 18,16, and for 2020 it was 19,98.

Do I have a realistic chance to be admitted?

This depends on several factors, e.g. fulfilling the admission requirements, final grade from the Bachelor study, number of applicants, number of places available, etc. Since not all factors are known or can be checked until later, it is not possible to assess a chance of your being admitted.

During my bachelor study, I have not earned any credits in clinical psychology. Is it possible to make up for the missing credit points?

You cannot make up any credit points. You must meet the entry requirements before you can be admitted. The subject-specific admission requirements can be found in §3 of the admission regulations:

"The following special admission requirements apply to the M.Sc. program in Psychology:
a) the first qualifying psychology degree with a minimum of 3 years of compulsory period of study and a minimum of 180 credits,
b) bachelor's degrees in a subdivision of psychology with a standard period of study of at least three years (at least 180 credits) only meet the admission requirements if the examinations in methodology, statistics, psychological diagnostics, all classical basic subjects of psychology (general psychology, biological psychology, developmental psychology, personality psychology, social psychology), in clinical psychology and at least two other application fields of psychology (eg, work and organizational psychology and educational psychology) can be demonstrated, ... "

Enollment questions

Must the Bachelor Diploma be submitted before the enrollment or is it enough to submit the "Proof of completed Bachelor's degree (not teacher-related)" form?

Applicants must demonstrate that all requirement for the first degree are met at adequate level before enrollment. For intra-university applicants, the forementioned form allows the enrollment when the grades of the thesis are not yet available but both evaluators confirm that work is checked and is adequate to pass. When external applicants can submit equivalent certificates, they will also be allowed to enroll.


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