Berlin and Potsdam -- Area Map and Travel Info

Simplified map of Potsdam and Berlin


You can fly to either Tegel or Schönefeld airport in Berlin. From there, you can take public transportation to Golm through Potsdam.


Intercity trains come to various train stations in Berlin. Only few of them stop in Potsdam. During the day, local trains run twice an hour between Berlin and Potsdam, whereas the city trains (S-Bahn) go every 20 mins. The train station in Golm has direct train connections from Potsdam Hbf (main train station), Wustermark, Berlin Friedrichstr. (going through Berlin Hbf) and airport Berlin-Schönefeld.

Intercity Bus:

Intercity buses normally arrive at ZOB (main bus station) in Berlin. From there, you can use public transportation to Golm through Potsdam. Only very few intercity buses stop in Potsdam.


When driving on A10 West: Exit "Potsdam Nord" or "Leest," then follow signs to Potsdam then Golm.
When driving on A10 South: Exit "Michendorf," follow B2 to Potsdam, then follow signs through Potsdam first to Park Sanssouci then to Golm.

Online trip planners for public transportation:

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Further information:

City of Potsdam -- campuses and city transportation
Campus Golm -- building locations
Building 14 in Golm -- division and lab locations



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Department Psychologie
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Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24-25
OT Golm
14476 Potsdam

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Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24-25
Potsdam - Golm
University Campus Golm
Building 14

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University of Potsdam, Germany